sobota 7. května 2011

Czech Republic - Slovakia

Yesterday I was at the World Championship in ice-hockey. Fortunately, Bratislava is not far away, about a hour and half drive. 

Orange Arena is a wonderful place. I really like winter sports stadiums and arenas, they have a special atmosphere. In addition, the Orande Arena was renovated. It looks so modern. And I really love (I hope I say it right) the glazed area.

Of course, I really liked the interior of the arena. (Oh, yeah. We had great seats!) Here are photos before the match.

Yesterday it was played a match in Group E. Czech Republice against Slovakia. The atmosphere before and during (and often after) the match between these two rivals is always great, but also tense. Czech Republic and Slovakia formed together a single state until January 1, 1993. So, there was a lot of fans. Czech, Slovak, I also saw Finns (who played an afternoon match with Germany).

The match was great. Of course, because we won 3:2! But I was so nervous. All around me were sitting Slovak fans. But I tried to cheer much as I could. I can hardly speak. But it was worth it. We will play the quaterfinal - hooray!

Jááárda Jágr! Our legend! Fighter! A man who always plays with the heart!

Patrik Eliáš. He was declared the best Czech player of the match.

I bought a souvenir. It is the official mascot of the championship. Plushy, of course. My collection has increased of mascot, which I collect from the world championships since 1996, when I was at the Championship for the first time (in Vienna). 

The photos were taken by mobile phones. Sorry for the poor quality.

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